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Grow an Herbal Butterfly Garden

What Herbs Attract Butterflies?


Attracting butterflies, bees and birds to your herb garden is an added benefit to having the fresh herbs. Because butterflies and bees can not tolerate toxins, they are also a good indicator that you have a fresh, healthy garden. To attract butterflies, you will be focusing on brightly colored blooms and a safe environment for them to enjoy the nectar, rest, and have a drink. Remember, laying eggs is a sign that a butterfly is at home in your herb garden. You may want to study what sort of butterflies, and therefore, caterpillars, you will find in your region.

Some herbs that attract butterflies:

After finding the right combination of herbs to attract butterflies, the basic elements that you are providing are sunlight, water and enough protection that they can will rest and lay eggs. Offer as many plants as possible. A large planting will offer the most food per area and give off the best scent to attract the butterflies.

The water source should be a quiet, shallow area, where the butterflies can land and still reach the water. I have luck with lifting a soaker hose over a wide rock ,with a slight indentation in it. The water can gather but will not splash the butterflies as they land.

Creating a fragrant herb garden to share with the butterflies is an excellent way to enjoy nature.

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