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Edible Herbal Flowers


When planning a garden design, do not forget the edible herbal flowers! To be able to eat the flowers means your garden can do double duty in the same space, always a good idea for those of us with smaller areas to grow in. When eating herbal flowers, be aware that any pesticides and herbicides will still remain on the flower so only pick those that you know are grown in an organic manner and are free from any chemicals. Your best bet is to grow your own. That way, you can be sure they are free from any residues that may make you sick. Remember that you need only a few blossoms to really impress your dinner guests!

What Herb Flowers are Edible?

You should always include some herbs in your garden with the idea of letting them flower and considering the bloom to be an entirely different harvest of their own. Some herbs that have tasty, edible blossoms are:

Don't forget the wildcrafted herb blooms of the dandelion, chicory and red clover to name just a few. Even mint blooms can be included in your edible herbal flower garden. They are tasteless but pretty if included in a glass of iced tea.

How to Use Edible Herbal Flowers

A nice way to introduce the idea of eating flowers would be to create a simple salad and include some of your favorite herb blooms. Think color as well as flavor. A plain vinegar/oil dressing and you have created a work of art.
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