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What Herbs Grow Best

Herbs For Any Environment


Herb Garden

Herb Garden

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Every gardener has the task of planting what will grow best in their particular gardening environment. Herbs offer such a variety of plants that no matter what type of garden area you have, there are herbs that will not only grow, but thrive in it.

If you are looking for herbs to grow for their beauty and decorative qualities, I have made a list of the best herbs for landscaping. Just because an herb is being used as a landscaping specimen, it doesn't mean that you can't use it for its culinary or medicinal qualities as well. Make sure to consider multi tasking your herbs, as you plan your garden. Some medicinal plants require digging up in the late fall, when their flowers have passed, and their roots are at their strongest energy.

If you want to start growing your own medicinal herbs, be sure to see the 5 best herbs for a healer's garden. This is a short list of 5 herbs that can be used for many gentle, but effective healing techniques. A sure way to introduce yourself and family to the wonders of herbal healing.

You may want to grow your own tea herbs. If delicious, home made tea herbs are what you would like to see, I have a list of 5 best herbs for a tea lover's garden.

Are you interested in filling a perennial bed of herbs? If you are, there is a short list of perennial herbs that might be of use to you. These herbs are based on being easy to grow, easy to divide, and useful.

Would you like to grow a garden without the commitment of a perennial plant? There are many wonderful annual herbs that make the list of 5 best annual herbs to grow in your garden. Of course, this is just a short list of choices.

For those with a particular gardening hurdle, there are herbs that will grow nicely, despite the stressors of shade, sun, dryness and too much moisture. A garden in a shaded area may seem tough to do. Be sure to read the 5 best herbs for shade garden areas.These herbs can withstand shade or partial sunlight, and still flourish.

A particularly sunny spot, can also pose a problem. Herbs grown here may need special attention to be sure they get enough water and can withstand the higher temperatures. Here is a list of my top 5 herbs for sunny areas.

No matter what sort of gardening area you are able to use, there are plenty of herbs that will grow and look beautiful, taste great, and offer healing alternatives for you.

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