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Herbal Gardening Designs

There are as many styles and types of herbal gardens as their are gardeners. Looking at historical and themed gardens can help you own creativity. Take a look at some wonderful herbal gardening ideas.
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What Herbs Help You Sleep?
Garden design for herbs that help you sleep.

What Do I Harvest in the Fall herb garden?
5 Herbs that you harvest during the fall season.

Herbs For Designing Ponds and Bogs
Herbs that grow well in the pond or bog environment.

What Herbs Can I Grow In A Relaxation Themed Herb Garden
5 Herbs to grow in a relaxation themed herb garden

10 Common Misconceptions About Herb Gardeners
10 things you don't know about being an herb gardener.

How To Grow An Herb Garden That Won't Die
How to grow a foolproof herb garden

How To Design A Knot Garden
Knot gardens are designed with herbs in mind. Fussy and intricate, they show a mastery of garden artistry.

5 Herbs For A Lemon Scented Herb Garden
5 Herbs that all have a lemony scent and taste, for an herb garden.

What Herbs Can Take Short Seasons And Fussy Temperatures?
There are herbs that can take a little bit of abuse and still thrive. Here are 5 herbs that can take the stress of being in high altitude, short season, fluctuating temperature and still keep growing.

Uses For Mullein In The Herb Garden
Harvesting and using mullein

Herbal Design For A Tea Garden
Herb design for creating a tea garden.

5 Herbs That Will Tolerate Salt Conditions
Herbs that are salt tolerant for beachside or roadside areas.

What Herbs Belong In A Pizza Themed Herb Garden?
How to design an herb garden with a pizza or Italian theme.

Herbs For A Drought Garden
During a drought, some herbs do better than others. Find 10 herbs that do very well during a drought.

5 Herbs That Are Best Purchased As Plants
The top 5 herbs to buy as plants from a greenhouse. Skip trying to grow these from seed. Buy them instead!

5 Tall Herbs For The Garden Landscape
5 huge herbs for the garden.

Herbs To Divide In Spring
Early spring is the time to divide many of your herbs. This saves you time and money in the garden.

How To Plant Your Herb Garden From Seed Packets
Now that the seed catalogs are pouring in, you probably have plenty of packets ordered, possibly even sitting on your desk waiting to be planted. Feeling overwhelmed? Here are simple instructions for planting an herb garden from seed.

Everything Guide To Herb Gardening
The complete herb garden guide will walk you through the entire process of designing planting and harvesting you own herb garden

10 Herbs To Start Your Culinary Herb Garden
With so many wonderful herbs to plant, it is hard to choose which to start with. Here are 10 great culinary herbs to get your garden started!

10 Herbs For A Roman Herb Garden
10 Herbs that would have been found in a Roman Cook's garden. These herbs can still be found today, and if you are designing an ancient style garden, they will provide you with not only delicious herbs for cooking, but a unique type garden.

What Herbs Make Poor Neighbors
Although it is commonly known about using herbs as companion plants, what you may not know, is that many herbal combinations can actually harm one of the plants in the group. See what herbs should avoid being neighbors.

How To Use Herbs As Companion Plants In The Garden
How to use herbs as companion plants to deter insects and improve the health of your garden.

What Herbs Grow Well In A Rock Wall Herb Garden
Herbs to create a rock wall herb garden.

How To Ship Live Herb Plants
How to ship live herb plants through the USPS.

Pennyroyal - What is Pennyroyal?
Pennyroyal - What is pennyroyal used for?

Herbs For A Hanging Basket In The Sun
These herbs will thrive in a hanging basket that receives full sun. They are heat tolerant and can stand to dry out a bit between waterings.

How To Plant An Herbal Hanging Basket
How to plant an herbal hanging basket

Share Your Favorite Gardening seed Catalogs
All gardeners know that winter means garden catalogs! What garden catalogs mean the spring rush is on? Do you have a favorite? Share your best garden catalogs and if possible, where a gardener can go to sign up for them.

Your Herb Garden Gallery
Herb Gardens are as unique as the gardeners who design them. Show us your herb gardens! See submissions

Starting Herb Seeds Indoors - How I Do It
How do you start your herb seeds? Some go totally traditional and use seed starting trays, with purchased growing medium. Others use handcrafted seed cups and make their own mix. Please share your tips and techniques here for other gardeners to see.

Companion Herbs For Tomato Gardens
Companion planting has always been popular with gardeners in the know. They realize that creating the perfect growing environment for their favorite fruits, is as simple as designing just the right neighbors to live alongside their plants. Here are 10 companion herbs for the best tomatoes you can grow.

Annual Herbs - Best Annual Herbs
If you are looking for herbs with little commitment, here are 5 that grow well, give you all their flavor and beauty the first year, and are easy to clean out in the fall. What more could you ask for?

Best Herbs For A Child Friendly Herb Garden
Best herbs for creating a child's herb garden

Best Herbs For Your Garden
Every gardener has their own growing environment. Here are my 5 best herbs to fit any growing conditions. Read on for the best herbs for your location.

Start An Herb Garden
Here is how to start an herb garden from scratch.

What Herbs Can Be Planted For A Fall Harvest
Replanting herbs for a fall harvest is a great way to extend the herb garden season. Here are some herbs that will enjoy the cooler temperatures of the fall season and expand your herbal harvest.

Attracting Beneficial Insects To The Garden With Herbs
Attracting beneficial insects with herbs, will help your garden become better pollinated and healthier.

Companion Planting With Herbs
Companion planting with herbs, is a great way to add some natural bug and disease protection to your regular garden. Companion planting with herbs can also increase the yield you get from your harvest.

6 Best Herbs For Mexican Cooking
There is nothing like a spicy beans and rice or enchiladas for a tasty meal without a lot of prep time. Grow these delicious herbs and add them to your cooking, to create the authentic taste we all love.

Herbs For A Shade Garden
We all know that a sunny spot is ideal for an herb garden. What do you do if your garden is in a shady location? Open up a whole world of landscaping ideas, when you use these herbs to plant in shady areas.

What Herbs Grow As Herbal Vines
Herbs that grow as vines, for your herbal landscape.

What Herbs Grow In The White House Vegetable Garden?
Along with a huge list of organic vegetables, the White House vegetable garden will boast an impressive list of herbs. Here is a list of what you will find.

Frugal Herb Garden Tips
What are your best frugal herb garden tips? Dividing my herbs is one of the easiest and favorite ways to grow my garden for no extra cost.

5 Best Deer Resistant Herbs
Here are the top 5 herbs used to repel deer. I have purposely left out mint. Mint is also a deterrent, but I hesitate to urge gardeners to plant mint throughout their yards, as it is highly invasive and will soon take over. The following herbs are useful for eating, enjoying their beauty and best of all, do not taste good to deer. If you have a...

Instant Herb Garden
Pressed for time? Make an instant herb garden in an hour or less. No weeding, no tilling, the true lazy gardener way. The results are beautiful!

5 Best Perennial Herbs for your Garden
There are many herbs that can be planted once, and left to grow for many years. Here are my top 5 perennial herbs for a long lasting herb garden.

5 Best Herbs For a Medicinal Herb Garden
Growing your own medicinal herbs is a great way to incorporate good health into your life. These herbs are recommended for their wide range of health benefits, and basic healing properties.

The Bartender's Garden - Planting a Garden with Cocktails in Mind
An unusual, but interesting topic for your next herb garden! Check out the Bartender's Garden.

Herbal Knot Garden
A formal knot garden is a fascinating endeavor. It can be as elaborate as you wish, using not only herbs but special additions to make it uniquely your own. Find out what herbs work well in a knot garden and some tips for busy gardeners.

Grow an Herbal Butterfly Garden
Herbs can be grown to attract butterflies. Herbal blooms are colorful and fragrant, while bringing in beneficial butterflies and bees to your herb garden areas.

Edible Herbal Flower Garden
Growing herbs for their flowers gives you another way to use them! Learn what flowers are edible in the cultivated garden and growing wild. Herbal flowers are delicious!

Dyer's Herb Garden
Dyeing your own natural materials can be a hobby by itself. Try growing these wonderful herbs and create a rainbow of colors for your yarns and fabrics. Here are just a few ideas for an easy dyer's herb garden.

Small Space Garden Design
From About.com's Gardening Guide, here is a wonderful list of small garden designs. Check out the gallery for useful visual ideas for your own small space herb garden.

Best English Gardens to Visit
One of the best ways to find the perfect garden design is to see what others do. From About.com's United Kingdom Travel Guide, here is a list of English gardens to visit. The English certainly know how to garden beautifully as these photos will show.

What Are Potted Herb Gardens
Potted herb gardens and why they are a good idea for anyone.

What Herbs Can I Grow For A Moon Garden?
Herbs for a moon garden

How To Grow A Pizza Themed Herb Garden
What herbs to include in a pizza themed garden.

What To Plant In An Herb Garden For Allergy Sufferers
Design an herb garden for allergy sufferers.

5 More Herbal Trees to Know
5 Herbal trees and their uses

How To Use Basil From Seed To Plate
Growing basil from seed to your plate. Grow, harvest, cook with one of America's favorite herbs.

5 Herbs To Include In A Butterfly Garden
5 herbs that attract butterflies to the garden.

What's New For July?
New content on the herb gardens site for July 2013

Child Friendly Herbs

Astrological Herb Garden

Secrets To The Perfect Herb Garden
How to grow the perfect looking herb garden.

Indoor Gardening: What's Wrong With My Rosemary?

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