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What To Buy The Kitchen Herb Gardener On Your Gift List For 2012

This Year's Best Gifts For The Kitchen Herb Gardener


Creating a gift list is a special favorite chore of mine every year. I get to search deep in my own file of pictures and notes, to come up with what I believe are some of the most creative and unique gifts for your kitchen herb gardening friends and family.

I am also publicly admitting that if someone in my own family was to notice this list, I would welcome anything they saw here. Jest saying. Did I miss a favorite kitchen herb gift idea? Let me know!

1. Indoor Gardening Tools

Indoor garden tools
© Pricegrabber

Of course, you could certainly pinch and pluck herbs from the countertop garden, without any tools. The point is not that you *need* these, it is that using beautiful tools, make the job easier and more...elegant?

I love hand tools anyways, it keeps my cuts honest, and instead of being sloppy, I pay close attention to each snip.

This set is just lovely, and even includes a little mister. I am love.

2. A Good Quality Herb Grinder

Herb Grinder
© PriceGrabber

Sometimes you have to go back to basics. Does your gift recipient have a really good herb grinder? Check out this one. It is aluminum and pretty sexy. I like that it feels sturdy in your hand, and turns smoothly, even when it is full of herbs.

With all the writing I do, my hand strength isn't great anymore, so I need tools that actually do the work for me. This one is a workhorse. Let's also admit, it looks seriously pretty sitting out on the counter too.

3. A Sexy Mortar and Pestle

Mortar and Pestle
© Pricegrabber

Nothing makes you feel more of a chef, than tools that chefs actually use. This mortar and pestle is sexy as well as useful. It's heavy enough to keep from floating around the counter while being used, and once you get used to the idea, you actually do use it regularly while cooking.

I recommend having two of them; one for dry herbs and one for making pesto. Either way, choose one that is both heavy as can be, and pretty enough to keep on the counter. You won't regret it, nor will your gift recipient!

4. Perfect Portable Loose Tea Brewer

Loose Tea Brewer
© Pricegrabber

Making a perfect cup of tea takes practice. Using a tool that helps make your tea just right, makes this an unforgettable experience.

I love this portable tea brewer because it is elegant in design, and once made, you have a portable cup to drink your tea from. Use it a few times, and learn what color your favorite brew will become, for the perfect flavor every time. I love this!

5. Delicious Loose Herbal Tea Blend

Blueberry Rooibos Tea
© Pricegrabber

Bring any dear friend over to the herbal side, with the perfect gift of loose herbal tea. Especially fun, is a blend that includes fruits and berries for welcome natural sweetness.

I love this blend of Blueberry Bliss-Rooibos tea, because it is such a treat. Many times, if someone hasn't had much opportunity to try herbal teas, adding in familiar flavors like blueberry, can convince them that herb teas are must haves.

I like what I am seeing with this herb tea company; Teavana. They are making blends that sound mouthwatering.

6. Herbal Coffee Alternative: Dandy Blend

Dandy Blend
© Pricegrabber

I discovered this beverage over a year ago, and remain a huge fan! If you are looking for something other than coffee, but don't want to give up that coffee like, rich flavor-Dandy Blend is for you (err, I mean the person on your gift list).

I bought a box of packets, to add directly to my water. It dissolves instantly in hot or cold water, and tastes so much like coffee, I feel like I am indulging, without the caffeine. Made with roasted dandelion root, it is healthy as well as flavorful. Honestly, this one is in my cupboard right now. I use it all the time. Enjoy!

7. Organic Herbal Salt Blend

Herbal Salt Blend
© Pricegrabber

What could be more decadent, than gifting this beautiful jar of herbal salt blend? Show everyone on your herbal gift list, how they have a hidden chef inside, just waiting to experiment with this wonderful seasoning.

8. Herbal Incense Sticks

Herbal Incense
© Pricegrabber

Incense is used for much more than hiding unscrupulous scents in a teen's bedroom. The rich scent of a good incense, will provide all day scent that lingers, but doesn't overpower a room.

I like to use incense during an outdoor party, where we are enjoying good conversation. The occasional whiff of herbal smoke, will relax and intrigue my guests, without drawing too much attention. They are just a wonderful addition to any room.

Incense makes a great gift.

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