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Gifts For The Herb Lover On Your List

Gift Guide For Herb Lovers


We all have them; the friends who go nuts over garden shovels and packets of seeds (I am guilty of this myself). What in the world do you buy these people, when you may not have any idea where to start? I thought a short list of dreamy gifts that all herb lovers would appreciate is a great place to start. Here are my top 10 gifts for that special herb lover on your holiday shopping list!

1. Aerogarden

Aerogarden Mini
©Pricegrabber, 2009
Aerogarden is the perfect gift! It is a self contained unit, that is easy to set up and practically fool-proof to use. With a wide selection of seed pods available, the Aerogarden is sure to be well loved by anyone who loves to garden.

2. Terracycle Herb Plant Food

Terracycle Organcic Herb Plant Food
©2009 Terracycle Used with permission
This is a perfect gift that combines going green and fertilizing your herb gardens at the same time! Made from vermiculture (worm poop), this product is not only useful but also supports a great company.

3. Upcycled Plant Pots

Upcycled Plant Pot
©2009, Terracycle Used with permission
No herb gardener has enough pots. These pots are special, too. From one of my favorite businesses: Terracycle, these upcycled plant pots are not only made from recycled computer parts and other business equipment, they are also one of a kind decorated by inner city artists! What a great choice for both the ingenuity of design and the just plain usefulness factor.

4. Organic Potted Herbs in Rice Hull Pots

Organic Herb Seeds With Rice Hull Pot
©Pricegrabber 2009
What could be a better gift, than organic herb seeds, complete with recycled rice hull pots? These beautiful sets are perfect for growing under an indoor grow light, or simply on your kitchen windowsill.

5. Indoor Garden Hand Tools

Indoor Garden Tools
©Pricegrabber, 2009
Many indoor gardeners struggle with their traditional hand tools or even kitchen flatware, to prune and harvest their indoor herbs. Try an indoor garden tool set, and see how easy tending to your windowsill garden can really be!

6. The Garden Makers Culinary Herb Garden Kit

The Garden Makers Culinary Herb Garden Kit
&copy, 2009 Pricegrabber
Here is a herb lover's gift that has it all: Beauty, usefulness and style. Another winner from one of my favorite garden suppliers; Potting Shed Creations has put together a lovely assortment of culinary herb seeds, growing instructions, herb stakes and much more. All of this is housed in a metal storage box and each herb seed has its own clear lidded metal compartment. Truly, a wonderful treat for any herb lover.

7. Fiskars Garden Bucket Caddy

Garden Bucket Caddy
©Pricegrabber, 2009
Truly a must have for any herb gardener. For indoor use, store you hand tools all around the outside and use the bucket for neatly gathering all your trimmings. When gardening outside, add a padded seat(located at any hardware store) and you have a great spot to sit while you work on your herb beds. This is a unique item that will be sure to be a big hit!

8. Tabletop Grow Light

Tabletop Grow Light
©Pricegrabber, 2009
Another great indoor gardening idea: The tabletop grow light! This particular style works well with any decor and allows enough room for multiple kitchen herb pots. Fully adjustable, to keep the lighting at the correct height above the growing herbs, it is a must have for any indoor gardener.

9. Herb Companion Magazine

Herb Companion Magazine
© 2009 A. Jeanroy
You can't go wrong when gifting an herb gardener his or her own subscription to a great magazine. I have been a subscriber to The Herb Companion for many years and it never fails to entertain, educate and indulge my herbal interests. My Favorite Herb Magazines

10. Ayala's Herbal Water

Ayala's Herbal Water
©2009, A. Jeanroy
Everyone needs a treat! This water is really delicious and tastes like nibbling on a fresh, herb leaf. Your herb loving gift recipient will thank you over and over again, as he or she tastes this wonderful beverage. I love drinking it and order by the case.

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