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5 Best Herbal Gifts For Foodies

2012 Christmas List Of Herbal Gifts For Foodies


Herbs make wonderful gifts for anyone on your list who loves to cook. What makes it special, is that the gift is from you, seed to cup.

Make up a signature blend of seasonings, teas, or chai, and wrap each in a pretty wrapping. Your gift recipients will all be impressed. Who knows? You may bring another person over to the herbal side. Here is my list of 5 Herbal Gifts For Foodies.

1. Herbal Teas

Herbal Tea
© A.Jeanroy

Herb teas are the perfect introduction into the versatility of herbs. If you mix up your own blend, it will make the gift extra special.

I find that familiar herbs, like chamomile and mint are appreciated. Place a few single-herb varieties in your own teabags, and offer a pretty box of a variety of flavors to choose from. You could also mix up your herbal teas and place them into glass jars or bags.

Keep an eye out for beautiful teacups at thrift stores. You know, the single cup and saucer? These are perfect to put a bag of your own tea blend inside of. What a stunning presentation!

2. Dry Herbal Rub

Roasted Chicken Dry Rub
© RBerteig

Everyone is familiar with the jars and boxes of flavored seasonings at the grocery store. Why not mix and gift your own seasoning blends?

These look very pretty in a glass jar with a shaker lid. Tie a couple of recipe cards to the jar, and your recipient will know how to get started.

This is a great gift if someone on your list is trying to cut back on preservatives and additives. Cut back on the salt, or create a blend that replaces salt in cooking. Try making something that would taste great on both poultry and red meats, and wrap a little of both in one package.

3. Dandelion Chai

Dandelion Chai
© A.Jeanroy

Dandelion chai is a sweet and spicy alternative to tea. If anyone on your foodie list likes coffee, they may appreciate a chai for it's bold flavor.

This makes a lovely warming drink after a day of winter sledding. Gift a portion of this chai, wrapped in a bag and tucked into a mug. Your friends from the office will get a kick out of this special treat.

I have used soy milk, and other alternative milks, a list of sweeteners, and even left some of the ingredients out of the recipe. Mix up what ingredients you have, and gift away!

In our home, this is the exact recipe that my children take in a thermos when they go sledding. No matter how long they are gone, everyone seems to stay warm and cozy. I think it has something to do with this magical Chai.

4. Herbal Wreath With Culinary Herbs

Herbal Wreath
© PetermanBrookFarm

Herb Gardens reader; Peterman Brook Herb Farm, offered this crafting recipe for a lovely herbal wreath. Isn't it lovely?

Use culinary herbs when they are fresh and even as they dry, this gift remains lovely and useful.

Recommend to your gift recipients that keeping this pretty gift out of direct sunlight, will keep it from fading quite as fast. I like to keep it close to my cooking area, for easy access. You may have to impress upon them, that this is a gift to actually USE, and not just admire.

5. Herbes de Provence

Herbs de Provence
© Danilo Alfaro

This classic herbal blend pairs will with so many foods, the possibilities are endless. You could include the lavender or not, it's up to you. Again, try to gather as many of the ingredients as possible, but don't worry if you leave a few out. This is an all purpose blend that tastes fantastic.

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