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10 best Herbal Kitchen Crafts

Herbal Crafts For Holiday Gifts


There are plenty of ways to shower your loved ones with delicious or deliciously scented gifts for the holidays. These 10 gift ideas can be made at the last minute, or ahead of time and kept on hand for meaningful gift giving.

1. Herbal Vinegar

Chive Blossom Vinegar

Both delicious and colorful, making herbal vinegar is fast and easy. Make a house blend, and give them to all the herb lovers on your list. 

Herbal vinegars can be used for salad dressings, sauces and to brighten up many dishes. Be careful, you may end up with a cupboard full of flavors, like I have. 

2. Herbal Hard Candies

Herbal cough drops or candies

Make them with medicinal herbs and call them cough drops, or with your favorite flavored herbal tea and give them as hard candies. These herb drops are a big hit with young and old alike!

I dust mine lightly with slippery elm powder, to help prevent sticking to the wrapper, and then wrap in squares of wax paper. They are lovely when piled into a 1/2 pint jar with a ribbon. The perfect gift for any herb lover. 

3. Herbal Sugar

Herbal Sugar
© A.Jeanroy

Herbal infused sugar makes a wonderful treat for the bakers and tea drinkers on your list! Easy to make, pretty to look at and certainly delicious, herbal sugar is bound to be a gift that is asked for again and again.

4. Herbal Potpourri

Potpourri Herbs
© easal

Herbal potpourri is an easy gift to create. Add meaning, by using scents and colors that are special to the recipient. Potpourri doesn't have to be difficult. Check out this easy to follow guide, from former Beauty Guide, Shirley Bragg.

5. Herbal Body Powder

Coffee Grinder
© Trellina

Herbal body powders make lovely gifts. They are simple to create, and can be used as a light scent or refreshing deoderant. 

Perfect for tender skin of a baby's bum, herbal powders are gentle and unique. Why not combine with a salve, and a knitted washcloth, for a baby shower gift? 

6. Herbal Liqueurs

Old bottles
© Muffet

Herbal liqueurs are perfect for the holiday season. Why not start making them a few weeks early (say now, for example), so they will be ready to give and enjoy as soon as they aer opened. 

Another nice treat, is to give a crafty friend the mix of herbs in a decorative tin or pouch. Then they can make their own treat whenever they want! 

I always am on the lookout for pretty, glass bottles to fill as gifts. Dollar stores and thrift shops, seem to have a wide variety of them for pennies. Filled with your homemade liqueur, these are wonderful gifts. 

7. Herbal Hot Pad

Herb Potholder
©KDL Designs

Simple and very useful, these scented hot pads will bring a smile to the face of even the most difficult to buy for recipient. They can be made any size, color and scent to fit any decor, and the scent is slowly released when a hot item is placed onto the surface. 

Even a beginning stitcher can manage to whip out a few of these pretty items. 

8. Herbal Chai Mix

Herbal Chai
© A.Jeanroy

Herbal Chai is the perfect gift for everyone on your gift list! It makes a savory pick me up in the morning, and a warming treat after a long day of sledding outside. 

One of my customers used to buy this very mix, to flavor his mulled wine. It is that tasty. I recommend making extra for yourself. Once you taste it, this herbal chai will be a favorite. 

9. Herbal Jelly

Dandelion Jelly
© A.Jeanroy

Herbal jelly is a delicate and definately unique treat for the holidays. Using your favorite herb tea blend, make the perfect gift for any tea drinking, herb loving friends on your list. 

This recipe is specifically for dandelions, but use whatever you like. 

10. Herbal No Salt Blend

Salt shaker

What better way to introduce herbs to a friend, than to offer this herbal salt replacer? Savory and tasty, you will never miss the sodium. 

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