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How To Make Your Own Rosewater


Making rosewater at home is easy and fun to do. Learn how to make your own homemade rosewater.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 2 hours

Here's How:

  1. Fill large bowl with water and freeze.
  2. Place brick in center of large pan.
  3. Fill pan with water, until the top of the brick is level with water.
  4. Place small, dry bowl on brick.
  5. Place a thick layer on the water in water around the brick.
  6. Begin heating pan of water containing rose petals and brick.
  7. Place ice filled bowl on pan of water, just as it begins to steam.
  8. Check the level of the flower water in the small, inner bowl. Once it is filled, turn off heat.
  9. Leave lid on until cooled.
  10. Remove inner bowl of cooled flower water and place in refrigerator.


  1. Try any fragrant herb flower you like, such as lavender and mint.
  2. Allow hydrosol to cure overnight in refrigerator, before using. This helps develop the full scent.

What You Need

  • Large metal or heat safe bowl, that fits tightly on your chosen pan.
  • One brick
  • Large soup pan, that fits tightly under the metal or heat safe bowl.
  • Small, heat safe bowl that will sit securely on brick
  • Large quantity of herbal flowers: roses, mint, sage, lavender
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