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Herbal Crafts and Gifts for Herb Lovers

Here are ideas for herbal gift giving for everyone on your list. From herbal teas to rubs and spicy herb seasoning, you can grow and create these delicious ideas. Not into culinary herbs? How about making an herbal eye pillow for restful dreams or a scented hot pad.No matter what your idea of the perfect herbal craft is, you will be sure to find it here.

Fun Garden Markers For Your Herb Garden
Garden markers make herb id much easier, and add a fun twist to the garden.

Where To Buy Herbs For Allergies
Where to buy herbs to help combat the symptoms of seasonal allergies

Growing and Using Oregon Grape
All about oregon grape.

Best Online Herbal Business
Best online business that sells herbs and herbal products.

What To Buy The Kitchen Herb Gardener On Your Gift List For 2012
What to buy the kitchen herb gardener on your gift list, for the 2012 holiday season.

Make Herbal Finishing Salt
Make a beautiful herbal finishing salt. Give this unusual gift, to anyone who loves to cook. It makes an impressive present, and is simple to make.

5 Best Herbal Gifts For Foodies
There are a number of delicious gifts to give any herbal foodie on your list. Here are a few of my favorites.

How To Keep My Rosemary Christmas Tree Alive
How to care for the rosemary topiary that you received as a Christmas gift.

Hot Spicy Flu Tonic
Hot and Spicy Flu tonic to administer at the first sign or colds and flu.

5 Herbal Gifts For The Hostess
Herbal gifts that are perfect to present your host or hostess this holiday season. Simple to make and they bring such joy to the recipient. These are my top 5 Herbal Hostess Gifts.

How To Make A Hollyhock or Hibiscus Flower Doll
choosing the flowers and buds needed for the hollyhock dolls

Top 5 Uses For Dandelion - What To Do With Dandelion
The bane of the suburban homeowner's existence, here are my top 10 things to do with dandelions. Not one of them includes weed killer! Probably one of the most recognized flowers in the world, dandelion has gotten a bad rap from the lawn loving crowd. No matter what product or treatment that is puffed, sprayed or sprinkled on them, the tough...

10 Best Herbs For Making Potpourri
How to use herbs to make potpourri

Herb Recipes and Crafts
Herb recipes and crafts for herb lovers

How To Make Scented Herbal Ink
How to make your own herbal scented ink for writing holiday cards and letters

Christmas Ornaments With Herbs
Make Christmas ornaments for decoration and gifts.

Herbal Sleep Pillow
How to make an herbal sleep pillow

Herbal Ice Cubes
A quick tip to use the beautiful herb blossoms you have.

Herbal Syrup
This syrup is fantastic over good quality ice cream, mixed with soda water and drizzled over angel food cake. Use your favorite herb, starting with mint.

Elderberry Flower Fizzy Drink
Absolutely delicious, elderflower fizz is a decadent summer treat that uses the naturally occurring yeast in the flowers for its sparkle.

Gifts For The Herb Gardener On Your List
Here are the top 10 gifts for that special herb lover on your holiday shopping list!

Show Us What You Make
Do you make crafts from herbs

How Essential Oil Is Made
Essential Oil is made from herbs. Here is some information on how essential oil is made.

Make Chive Blossom Vinegar
Make a delicious, spicy vinegar from chive blossoms.

Make Herbal Body Powder
Here is how to make herbal body powder for all types of skin.

Dye Easter Eggs Using Herbs
Learn how to dye Easter eggs with herbs. Using dried herbs and a few simple ingredients, dye your Easter eggs with natural dyes.

Make Your Own Herbal Hair Color
Using herbs to make your own hair color, is a fun way to try out a new look, without using harsh chemicals that can damage your hair. Try this easy to make herbal haircolor.

Make Your Own Liquid Stevia Sweetener
Don't bother spending money on stevia packets that taste horrible. Try making your own liquid stevia for mere pennies.

Make Your Own Rosewater
A hydrosol is simply a flower water. We have all heard of rose water, how about making your own! Try it with any strongly scented blossoms of your choice.

Make Your Own Newspaper Seed Pots
Here is a cheap and easy way to make your own seed pots out of newspaper.

Herbal Hair Rinse
Herbal hair care is a gentle way to rinse and add shine to your hair. Herbs can help with many issues that we all face: dryness, dandruff, oily, grey hair. Try this easy to make herbal rinse.

Natural Insect Repellent From Herbs
If you hate the smell and toxicity of traditional moth balls, try using herbs to repel moths. The scent is far better, and not full of dangerous chemicals.

New Use For Old Herbs
What do you do with your extra, dried herbs each year? Here is a quick tip for using them.

Are Herbal Smoking Mixtures Safe To Use?
Herbal smoking mixtures have regained popularity in the last couple of years. Are they safe to smoke and are they addictive like tobacco products?

Make Your Own Seed Packets
make your own seed packets

Create An Herb Standard
Create a masterpiece with a wire and your favorite herb plant. Perfect for indoor decorating or as a centerpiece for a formal garden. Here are the easy steps you need to take.

How to Make Dried Flower and Herbal Sachets
From the Gardening guide, see how easy it is to make lovely dried flower scented sachets. These are a wonderful gift and a great way to introduce someone to the scent of herbs.

Herb Plant Party Favors
From About.com's Gardening Guide, here is a nice idea for using up your herb cuttings. All of your herbs will benefit from frequent trims and now you have the perfect thing to do with the resulting bits of plant!

Do You Make Salve?
If you make herbal salve, share what herbs you use and how it works!

Share What Herbs You Are Harvesting
What herbs are you harvesting? Share what you harvest and your general location.

Make Your Own Herbal Gifts
How to use herbs to create crafts and gifts for the holidays.

Herbal Gifts
What crafts are you making with your herbs this year? Now is the time to plan for the holiday season!

10 best Herbal Kitchen Crafts
10 Best Herbal Kitchen Crafts For Gifts

10 Best Herbs For Herbal Vinegars
Herbal vinegars are a wonderful way to use up the herbs that you grow. They also make wonderful gifts during the holiday season.

10 Herbs To Use For An Herbal Bath
Herbs for a soothing herbal bath. These herbs can provide relaxation, muscle relief and even help for dry irritated skin. Check out the list of herbs to use for a luxurious herbal bath.

Say I Love You With Herbs
Love and romance are influenced by many things. Let these herbs tell your loved one how much they mean to you. Each of these herbs are meaningful in the language of love and romance.

What Books Are Useful As Family Herbals?
5 Best books for an herbal mom's bookshelf. If you are a mom who wants to make herbs for the family, these books are must haves.

5 Best Flavors Of Herbal Teas
5 Best herbal teas to gift your herb loving friends.

Herb CSA: Is It Right For Me?
What is an herbal csa and how do I benefit from belonging to one?

How To Store Glycerin Tinctures

Herbs For Thanksgiving Dinner

5 More Herbs For Smoking Mixtures

How To Make Herbal Sodas

5 Gifts For Kids Who Garden
kid friendly garden tools, gifts for kids, holiday gift list

Herbs For Making Muscle Rubs
A good old fashioned muscle rub includes many common herbs.

5 Quick and Easy Herbal Gifts
How to make quick and easy herbal gifts in 20 minutes or less.

5 Herbs For Sleep Pillows
Herbs to combine for a sleep pillow.

Herbs For the Skin
Herbs that soothe and cleanse the skin. Herbal skincare from the garden.

8 Herbs and Spices For Homebrewing Beer
Herbs and spices for homebrewing beers.

How to Start Selling Herbs
How to start your own herb garden business

Choosing Value Added Products to Your Herb Business
How to create value added herbal products for your business.

Your Herbal Business Year
How to run your herb garden business throughout all the seasons.

Homemade Ginger Beer

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