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Watering Your Herb Garden

Quick and Easy Tips for Watering Herbs


When gardening, the most important care you will have to do is to keep it properly watered. Watering is important to keep the plants hydrated and cool but there is another side of watering to consider. It is over watering. When over watering, a plant's roots can begin to rot under the ground. The stem and leaves can also begin to grow mildew. Both of these spell disaster for herbs.


Watering Large Herb Gardens


Group the herbs by watering needs. It will be difficult to keep a rosemary plant dry enough if it is growing next to a mint plant that thrives on moist soil. Grouping herbs also allows you to water using soaker hoses. Soaker hoses are permeable hoses that allow water to slowly seep into the surrounding area without wasting water. These hoses are then buried beneath mulch so that the resulting moisture does not evaporate. You can set these up on a timer and you will not worry about water for the rest of the season. By grouping by watering need, plants can be set on the appropriate timing for just the right amount of water. Sometimes, overhead sprinklers are used to water large areas of herbs. This way takes some special consideration. It is best to keep the foliage dry on your herbs to avoid diseases that thrive on dampness. To avoid this, time the sprinklers to water at first light so the herbs have the entire day to dry out. Check judiciously for signs of mildew and do not over water. Overhead watering uses more water then soaker hoses as well. Water your herbs, pull aside the mulch and check that the ground is actually watered and not just the mulch.


Watering Small Herb Gardens

Another way to water your herbs is by using a water globe. Watering globes appear to be ornamental balls made of colored glass with a long spike attached to them. They are pretty and functional as well. You fill them from the bottom, press them into the soil next to your plant and the water very slowly leaks into the soil as needed. Watering globes are perfect for deck or container gardens because they keep individual plants perfectly watered without fail.

Conserving Water

When talking about watering, you can not forget the most important part of watering a garden: Mulch. Mulch is a very important topic for any gardener to know about. Mulch helps keep the soil cool in hot sun, soft and absorbent so rain or water can penetrate more efficiently and mulch helps keep evaporation at a minimum. Mulch can be paper, straw or pre-bagged product from a garden center. It really is anything that covers the soil at least 3 inches deep. You will have to reapply mulch during the growing season as it rains and starts to degrade into rich, organic soil. Every fall, after removing all the dead plants, be certain to till this year's mulch in and in a few short growing seasons, you will have richer, more fertile soil for your herb gardens.
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