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Underwatering - Signs Your Plants Need Water

Do You Need To Water Your Herbs?


Keeping herbs watered is very important. When plants dry out, they become stressed and their overall health is compromised. Here are 5 signs that your herbs need to be watered more often.

  • Herb droops or has no upright stature.
  • Leaves or stems get black spots.
  • Stems appear dried or woody on new growth.
  • Little or no growth.
  • Soil is dry more than 1/2 an inch below the surface.

Keeping herbs watered properly, improves their flavor, size and how much can be harvested over the course of the growing season. 

There are times when you may want your plants to dry out a little. When selling them in a retail environment, a slightly stressed plant with stand upright and look a little bit better for a few hours before giving in to drooping. This is a little trick that people can use when showing their plants as well. 

For the rest of us, keeping plants watered is just good gardening sense. 

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