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How to Grow an Herb Garden at Home

Growing An Herb Garden


Growing an herb garden is a great way to enjoy the flavor of fresh herbs, without paying exorbitant prices. An herb garden is flavorful, aromatic, and healing. Many times, the same herbs can be used for multiple things, and all can be grown in a small container or tucked away in a corner of your landscape design.

Choosing the Best Location for Your Herb Garden

Before planting a single seed, you must find the ideal location for your herb garden. Herbs, like any other plants, have unique needs like moisture, lighting, and levels of fertilizer. If you plant them in an area that contains the environment they like, it will be much easier to care for them.

Observe several potential areas in your yard if possible. It may be more convenient to have a few smaller herb gardens, rather than trying to plant everything in one place. You could potentially have a theme garden, arranging herbs by their color, unique lighting needs, and even if they are perennial or annual. The possibilities are endless, but it is still a good idea to combine like herbs for the best results.

Some herb garden themes:

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