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Herb Garden Safety

Proper Safety Precautions For Your Herb Garden


Herb gardening is a relaxing and fun way to enjoy the summer months. When you are gardening edible plants, such as herbs, there are some basic rules to adhere to, so your harvest is as healthy and fresh as it can be. Here are three important tips to the best herbs you can possibly grow.

  • No pressure treated lumber- Studies have been done to show that pressure treated lumber leaches hazardous chemicals into the soil. It is recommended that you do not use pressure treated lumber in any edible gardens. This same recommendation applies to wood soaked in creosote, like railroad ties. The creosote is a toxic substance, that will contaminate your garden soil. If you like the look of railroad ties, you can often find the same item, without the creosote, called landscaping ties. They are expensive, but still look great.
  • No systemic products- Never treat an insect or weed problem in your herb garden, with a systemic product. Systemic means that the chemical is absorbed into the plant to become effective. They are useful to gardeners who use chemical products, but have no place in an edible garden.
  • No raw manure compost- Although compost is an integral part of efficient and healthy herb gardening, it is important that you use fully composted manure. Although not common, there are bacteria that can be transfered to your herbs if they are touching manure and can then make you sick, if eaten without washing. Who isn't tempted to take a taste of the herb when working around them? Play it safe and use fully composted manure.

    Herb gardening is well worth taking the time to do it safely. Enjoy the summer months and eat your herbs!

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