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5 Herbs For Seasoning Spring Peas

What Herbs Can Be Used For Pea Recipes


The light and lively taste of spring peas can't be matched. After waiting all winter for something fresh, they are the perfect side dish. Here are 5 herbs to season your spring pea recipes. Enjoy!

1. Mint

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Mint is the the quintessential herb for peas. This is one place that more is better. Try it in both a mushy peas dish as well as a saute' pea in butter recipe.

Luckily, mint grows just as early as peas in the spring, so you may end up with both fresh from the garden at the same time.

If growing mint for the first time, it is important to remember to contain this vigorous herb in a container before planting in the ground. Countless gardeners have learned the hard way, that mint likes to spread; and fast!

To honor of the passing of a fellow Guide and dear friend, Kevin D. Weeks, About.com Guide to Cooking for Two Many of these recipes are from his site.

For more ideas of how to use your mint:

2. Parsley

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Parsley is a surprisingly wonderful pairing for peas. The bright, almost citrus flavor of the herb, brings out the freshness of a simple pea saute.

If you grow parsley indoors, mince some and add to any pea recipe you have. I enjoy adding it right before serving, to keep the flavor of the parsley strong.

For more ideas of how to use your parsley:

3. Rosemary

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Rosemary is notorious for having a strong, resinous flavor. It pairs very well with peas, especially in a rich pea soup. Now is a good time to use up the dried rosemary you had been saving from last year, as the flavor is still delicious. If adding dried rosemary, mince especially well, and even add it early enough to allow time for the herb to soften a bit in the dish.

Rosemary may take an extra step to prepare it in a soup, but the flavor addition is delicious and worth it!

For more ideas of how to use your rosemary:

4. Sage

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Sage is that sort of herb you may end up with a large quantity of. Be thankful for the bounty (it's all in your frame of mind, right?), and use some of this flavorful herb in your spring pea dishes!

On our farm, we enjoy a dish of fresh peas, blended into a thick dip, and then use fried sage leaves to scoop up the mixture. This is a fun and definitely funky way to enjoy both flavors together.

For more ideas of how to use your Sage:

5. Savory

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Savory grows so well in your indoor herb garden, you may just have some fresh savory to combine with the earliest of pea dishes. Summer savory pairs well with lighter flavored foods, making it perfect for a dish of fresh, buttery peas. If you grow the more strongly flavored savory, don't be afraid to use it as an alternative.

For more ideas of how to use your savory:

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