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Catnip For Dogs

Anise Is A Dog's Best Friend


Anise is catnip for dogs

Anise is catnip for dogs


Everyone knows that cats love catnip. Did you know that the herb anise offers the same enjoyment for dogs?

In fact, foxhounds follow a trail that is created by dragging a sack that has been doused in anise oil. In Greyhound racing, the artificial hare that us used to urge the dogs to run, is also covered with the scent of anise.

Like cats, some dogs are affected more than others, but any dog will enjoy the scent (and flavor!) of this herb. 

The seeds of anise is the only part used. They are easy to grind up or can be added whole to your dog's treat. Be warned however, if your dog attacks and actually tears apart his or her dog toys, you may not want to sprinkle anise in the stuffing. A safer way to apply the scent for these more *energetic* dogs in an essential oil. A few drops is all it will take. You can safely reapply when the scent fades. 

Another tip to remember, dogs may become highly energetic and lose some of their common sense if they react strongly to anise. Not to worry, it is temporary.

Although they may not demonstrate the same erratic behavior that cats do, when presented with their favorite herb, why not bring a little fun into your dog's world and scent a stuffed toy with a drop of anise and see how he/she likes it!

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