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Sweet Marjoram


Sweet marjoram

Close up of Sweet marjoram

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Sweet Marjoram is a rich, sweet tasting herb, that is used interchangeably with oregano. It has tender leaves and stems, grows well just about anywhere, and is a great kitchen windowsill garden choice.

Latin Name:

Origanum majorana

Common Name:

Sweet Marjoram, Greek Oregano

USDA Hardiness Zone:

A very tender plant. It is sometimes said to be hardy to zone 8, but this has never been the author's experience. Consider your marjoram to be an annual.


Full to part sun - Great for a windowsill garden!


Cut back juicy stems and leaves as they grow. Sweet marjoram will provide you with multiple cuttings in one season. Cut the soft stems and leaves and add at the end of the cooking time. Use a small amount to begin with. Marjoram boasts a more powerful flavor than the same amount of oregano.


Sweet marjoram is a fantastic herb to know. It grows well both indoors and out. It's slightly sweeter taste is much more palatable to many than oregano, in which it is related.

A necessary ingredient in any lamb dish, marjoram is also welcome in Italian foods. Try a sprig of marjoram in your next batch of spaghetti sauce.

As a medicinal tea, sweet marjoram will soothe an upset stomach. It has anti-microbial properties too, and can be used as a skin wash.

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