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Thyme - How To Grow and Use Thyme


Thyme - How To Grow and Use Thyme Photo © Flickr user Daxiangstef


Thyme is a classic seasoning for many dishes. It is easy to grow and has many varieties to create just the right shape for your garden.

Latin Name:

Thymus vulgaris

Common Name:


USDA Hardiness Zone:

Zone 5 to 9 as a perennial


Full sun to partial shade. Thyme likes dry, poor soil


Snip aerial parts at any time during the growing season. The stems can be hung up to be dried for the off season.


In the middle ages, soldiers bathed in thyme water as it was said to increase their bravery. As a medicinal herb, thyme contains antibacterial properties and is used for respiratory issues.

As a seasoning herb, thyme is a classic ingredients in two combinations of herbs:bouquet garni and Herbs de Provence.

Thyme requires so little care in the garden that is successful in any sort of growing environment. It makes a hearty ground cover, withstanding foot traffic and releasing its scent whenever disturbed.

It should be grown as a companion plant for catnip and horehound.Plant it where it receives light foot traffic and enjoy it's scent.

Thyme dries exceptionally well with little loss of flavor. The tiny leaves are stripped from the stems and then added to dishes.

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