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Savory - Summer or Winter



Savory has a rich history as a cooking herb going back over 2000 years. Both varieties, winter and summer, have a strong flavor and many uses.

Latin Name:

S. Montana, Satureja hortensis

Common Name:

Winter, Summer savory

USDA Hardiness Zone:

Winter savory is hardy to zone 6. It is hardy to minus 10 degrees farenheit. Summer savory is a tender annual and must be started each gardening season.


Full sun


Savory leaves are harvested as they grow. It dries very well and keeps its strong flavor even when stored this way. For cooking, savory is used either fresh or dried with winter savory being more strongly scented.


Summer savory is lighter flavored, good for blends well with many flavors. Try it in tea mixes, butters, egg dishes and fresh grilled vegetables. German cooks use savory in their bean dishes to ward against flatulence.Summer savory is also a wonderful choice for an indoor herb garden. It grows very well in this manner.

Winter savory has a stronger flavor and pairs well with strongly flavored dishes, such as wild game meats and roast dinners.

Medicinally, savory also has a history. It is mentioned in many herbalists works, as a tonic for the reproductive and digestive systems. The early colonists brought both savories with them for just these purposes.

No matter what your desire for this wonderful herb, both the beauty of the plant and the taste will keep you growing it in your herb garden.

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