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Parsley - How to Grow Parsley


Curled parsley

Curled Parsley herb plant

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Parsley is an herb that belongs in every cook's garden. It is easy to grow and is hardy enough to withstand a windowsill garden with winter's low light. Put parsley in a container garden and add a fresh flair to every meal.

Latin Name:

Petroselinum crispum

Common Name:

Parsley, flat leaf or curled, curley parsley

USDA Hardiness Zone:

Biennial-treated as annual, due to bolting early the second year.


Full sun, partial shade. Great for indoor gardening


Snip aerial parts as soon as leaves are large enough for your use. Cut close to the soil and chop stem along with leaf for recipes. Parsley can be cut many times in a growing season.


Parsley is often seen as a curly, green accent to a tasty meal. This is an under appreciated herb, however. High in vitamin C and Flavinoids, Parsley could be the fresh addition to your dishes all year round.

Parsley can be chopped and added to salad greens, an a main ingredient in a vinegar based salad dressing and used as a cooling taste for spicy recipes. Tabbouleh is a dish that highlights parsley and is sure to become a staple summertime meal.

Parsley is a great addition to any container garden. It grows very well in less than optimum soil conditions and can be kept compact through frequent cuttings.

Although not recommended during pregnancy, parsley tea is used to promote Mother's milk and can be a useful herbal addition for any new mom.

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