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Herb Profile: Oregano

Grow and Use Oregano


Oregano herb plant


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Possibly one of the most recognized herbs in the cook's garden, oregano is easy to grow and adds plenty of taste either fresh or dried, to foods.

Latin Name:

Origanum vulgare

Common Name:

Oregano, pizza herb

USDA Hardiness Zone:

Zone 5-9


Full sun, well drained soil. Oregano will do well in partial shade.


Cut aerial parts to encourage a bushy habit. Oregano dries very well and remains flavorful. Excellent potted herb for a windowsill garden.



Oregano is a satisfying herb for any gardener. It is easy to grow and care for, as long as it does not remain wet for too long. Oregano grows very well in partial sun, making it a good choice for an indoor windowsill garden.

Oregano is also a well loved cooking herb. It is used in Italian cooking and known by most children as the pizza herb. Use it in any tomato based dish with great success.

To dry, strip oregano leaves from the stem and lay on paper towel, out of direct sunlight. Store in an airtight container and enjoy throughout the winter season.


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