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French Tarragon - What is French Tarragon


French Tarragon

French Tarragon

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French Tarragon deserves a place in the cook's garden. It's heady flavor makes many dishes special. Perfect for a container, this is one herb that will become a cook's favorite.

Latin Name:

Artemisia dracunculus

Common Name:

Tarragon or French Tarragon

USDA Hardiness Zone:

Zone 4-9


Full sun, warm, slightly dry soil. Very good for sandy gardens. Tarragon is perfect for a container garden-due to its need for a drier root system.


Snip or pinch leaves as needed. Tarragon stems may be snipped and hung to dry. Flavor stays strong in dried leaf.


Not the most common culinary herb, tarragon deserves more respect in any cook's garden. Used in finer cooking, tarragon pairs well with fish, egg and chicken dishes. Its slightly anise tasting leaves are strong, use a small amount and adjust for taste preference.

Tarragon grows very well in hot, dry soils. It thrives in containers, as they are often on the dry side, and windowsill gardens that receive plenty of sunlight. It must be divided every two to three years.

Try growing a plant or two this year, tarragon will surely win you over and soon you will be finding new ways to incorporate this fragrant herb into your everyday cooking.

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