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Epazote - What is Epazote used for?



Epazote (skunkweed)

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Epazote (sometimes known as Skunkweed) is an herb that is primarily used in Mexican bean dishes. It has an acquired taste that once enjoyed, is appreciated and missed when not included in a recipe.It has the distinct plus of offering some gas relief when used.

Latin Name:

Chenopodium Ambrosioices

Common Name:

Epazote, Skunkweed

USDA Hardiness Zone:

Officially, grown in zones 6-11, but I have always grown it in zone 5 with no problems at all.


Full sun, low moisture


Harvest aerial parts as needed. Dries and holds flavor very well.


Epazote is an authentic, if not well known Mexican flavor. Try adding a tiny amount to your other Mexican blends to see if you enjoy its pungent kick. Grown from seed, it is very invasive due to self seeding and rapid growth. Best grown in a container, under tightly controlled conditions, epazote is a great addition to your herb gardens.
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