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Anise - What is Anise?



Latin Name:

Pimpinella Anisum

Common Name:


USDA Hardiness zone:

Zone 7-11. Usually grown as an annual, anise is native to Egypt and the Mediterranean.


Full sun and well drained soil. Does well in dry areas


All aerial parts as needed. Leaves are added to salads and dried to use for tea. The seeds are most commonly used, flavoring baked goods and teas with their natural sweetness.


Anise was uses as far back as the sixth century. Recommended for coughs, cleansing the breath, and for preventing bad dreams. Anise eventually become so valued that it became one of the spices the Romans used to pay taxes with!

Cooks like anise for a number of things. Known for it's licorice taste. The seeds are interchangeable with fennel and can be used whole or ground. Chewing anise seeds or making a simple tea, can often soothe the stomach. Try adding anise seed to cheese and egg dishes, in breads and cracker spreads and in the recipes for these baked goods.

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