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Culinary Herbs

Cooking with herbs is a great way to enjoy them! Here are some delicious herbs that are easy to grow. You will also find some herbal recipes in case you need some new ideas for your herbal bounty.
  1. Herb Recipes (64)

What Herbs Season Fish and Seafood?
Herbs used to season fish and seafood dishes.

How To Brew All Types of Herb Tea
How to brew herbs into many types of teas. From infusions to Sun Tea, find out what the difference is between the different techniques.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Parsley
Parsley is much more useful than you may think.

Herbs To Season Spring Vegetables
Herbs to season your spring vegetables

Top 10 Herbs To Flavor Homemade Liqueurs
Make personalized holiday liqueurs, with these flavorful herbs.

Rosemary - For Rememberance
Rosemary is a delicious and beautiful herb. You can find many varieties to fit your need: upright and trailing. Use them interchangeably and even grow multiple varieties as each is distinctly different looking. I use trailing varieties for my herb standards. I braid three stems and use those as the main stem. It gives a more decorative look to my finished standard.

My pick for the top 5 herbs for holiday cooking
There is nothing more powerful than scents. The smells of the holidays can be linked to the use of herbs in our cooking. Here are the top 5 herbs for the holidays.

5 Herbs To Soothe Indigestion
Top 5 herbs to soothe indigestion caused by overindulgence during the holidays.

Lavender - How To Use Lavender
Lavender is a seductive, aromatic,and healing herb. As a culinary herb however, it may not have the recognition that it deserves. Lavender is perfect in any garden, due to its varied size, growing needs and colors. Find out how to use lavender as a medicinal, culinary, and ornamental herb.

5 Best Culinary Herbs For Beef
Culinary herbs are a popular reason to have an herbal garden. Find out what culinary herbs work best with beef recipes.

5 Easy Herbs From Seed
5 herbs to start from seed. These will grow fast and strong, no need to buy them in a pot!

Cooking With Herbs - My Favorite Recipe
My favorite recipe for cooking with fresh herbs

Should I Divide My Tarragon?
When should I divide my tarragon? It depends on what type you have.

Ramps - What Are Ramps?
Ramps - What are ramps?

Catnip For Dogs
Everyone knows that cats go nuts for catnip. If you are a dog lover, did you know that anise is an herb that will excite your dog just as much?

Anise - What is Anise?
Anise is a lovely herb, both in plant and taste. Licorice like in taste, it has a rich history in both usefulness and lore

Top 5 Herbs For Cajun Cooking
Here are 5 herbs that are must haves for any Cajun cooking you are doing. Some might just be available in your own herb garden.

Chicory - What is Chicory used for?
Chicory is a widely available herb with a long history.

Burnet - What is burnet used for?
Burnet(also known as salad burnet), is a tasty and easy to grow herb.

Epazote - What is Epazote used for?
Epazote is used primarily in Mexican cooking. It is an important ingredient in bean dishes and can become invasive is not grown with caution.

Stevia - What Is Stevia
Stevia has long been used as a replacement for sugar. It is extremely sweet - up to 300 times as sweet as table sugar, and has a light licorice aftertaste in its raw form.

Lemongrass - What is Lemongrass
Lemongrass herb is a brightly scented and flavored culinary herb. It is easy to grow and has a pleasant lemon taste.

Garlic - What Is Garlic
Garlic is a well loved herb, easy to grow, it is used in many types of cooking.

Savory - Summer or Winter
Savory actually can be two different types of herb: The annual summer savory and the perennial winter savory. Both savory types are very strongly flavored herbs that can lend a great kick of taste to fish, mayonnaise, potato and cheese dishes.

Fennel - What is Fennel
Fennel is a popular culinary and medicinal herb. It is naturally sweet tasting, beautiful in the garden, and an irresistible draw to the fantastic Swallowtail butterfly.Learn more about fennel here.

What is Borage Used For?
Borage is a lovely herb. It can be used for a beautiful decorative planting, delicious food item and a medicinal food.

What is Borage Used For?
Borage is a lovely herb. It can be used for a beautiful decorative planting, delicious food item and a medicinal food.

Bay - 2009 Herb of the Year
Bay is known for its delicious taste as well as the beauty of the plant itself. Find out more about this often overlooked herb.

Sweet Marjoram
Sweet marjoram is a full flavored herb, used in many Italian and Greek dishes. Sweet marjoram is a must have for a kitchen herb garden.

Lemon Verbena - The Perfect Tea Herb
Lemon verbena is prized for its pure lemon flavor. Highly sought after for herb tea blends, this tall showy herb, grows beautifully both indoors and out.

Make Your Own Hand Rubbed Sage Powder
Make hand rubbed sage at home.

Parsley - How to Grow Parsley
Parsley is a fresh tasting, easy to grow herb. It has a place in any cook's garden. Find out how to grow and use parsley here.

French Tarragon - What is French Tarragon
A cousin of the sunflower, French Tarragon is an undervalued herb in American gardens. It has a unique taste, that belongs in every cook's garden.

Oregano - An Italian Essential
Oregano is the most popular herb in an Italian seasoning mixture. Easy to grow and extremely fragrant, Oregano should have a place in any cook's garden.

Thyme - How To Grow and Use Thyme
Thyme is a fragrant and useful herb. It is a classic ingredient in soup,stews and meats seasonings. Thyme has many growth habits and is a low maintenance plant, making it perfect for every garden.

Cilantro - Two Herbs for the Price of One
Cilantro is a fresh, distinct tasting herb that is essential to Latin cooking. It is an ingredient that evokes strong emotions of love or hate in all who experience its flavor. Here are some ideas for growing cilantro and how to use it in everyday cooking.

Chives - The Gentle Onion
Chives are one of the most well known herbs, but often one of the least used. Everyone seems to know someone growing chives. Many of us only know chives as a decorative touch on a baked potato and they never seem to get used to their full potential.

Dill - Not Just for Pickles
Dill is a showy herb, with a tall, thin stem and airy flowers. Most recognized in pickles, dill offers great taste to fish, summer salads and dressings. Dill dries very well and is most commonly found this way. Because of its height, dill makes a lovely backdrop to other herbs or even in a landscaping layout. It can add height and drama to an otherwise hard to garden area.

Basil - The Tomato's Best Friend
Basil grows well both indoors and out. It is an easy herb to grow from seed and rewards the gardener with an abundant crop from just a few plants. Find out more ways to use basil here.

Herbal Dry Rub For Chicken
Rub your chicken with this delicious mixture up to 24 hours before cooking.

Top Ten Facts You Didn't Know About Garlic

Think you know all there is to know about garlic? Here are 10 things that will help your garlic grow better, last longer, and taste better. Keep reading for 10 garlic facts that you will use every day.

Best Herbal Tool
What is your favorite herbal accessory?

Herbs For Bread Making
Herbs for making bread

Angelica - What is Angelica
Angelica - What is Angelica

What is Angelica?
Angelica, what is Angelica used for?

Purslane - What is purslane
Purslane herb

Caraway - What Is Caraway
All about the herb caraway

All About The Sunflower
The sunflower is a widely recognized flower, loved for its cheery color and ease of growth. Sunflower is lesser known for its remarkable attributes.

What Herbs Do I Use To Make A Compound Butter
5 herbs to make an herbal butter, also known as a compound butter.

How To Grow The Herb Peppermint
Easily recognizable, the taste of peppermint is refreshing and cooling on a hot summer day. It is also soothing to an upset stomach, due to the menthol it contains.The menthol in peppermint soothes the lining of the digestive tract an stimulates the production of bile, which is an essential digestive fluid. A hot cup of herbal tea is an...

5 Herbs For Seasoning Spring Peas
5 Herbs season spring pea recipes

Dandelion deserves a place of honor in any herb lover's garden. Every part of the plant is useful. It is well worth a closer look.

How To Identify Dandelion
With over 150 different related species to the common dandelion, how do you know what a true dandelion looks like?

How To Make Sun Tea Using Fresh Herbs
How to make sun tea with fresh herbs.

Spring Tonic Herbs
Spring tonic herbs

5 Delicious Things To Do With Elderberry
5 things to do with the shrub elderberry. These are all delicious!

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