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Container Gardening

Growing a garden in containers is a great idea for many reasons. Here are ideas for containers, herbs that grow well in them and other information specifically for container growing.

What Herbs Can I Grow In A Relaxation Themed Herb Garden
5 Herbs to grow in a relaxation themed herb garden

How to Grow Herbs Indoors
How to grow herbs inside the home as well as you do outside

Herbs For An Edible Container Garden
7 Herbs for an edible container garden

What Can Go Wrong With An Indoor Garden
What happened to my indoor herb garden?

5 Best Herbs For Container Gardening
Container Gardening with herbs is a great way to offer beauty and color to your entry or patio area. Here are my choices for the 5 best herbs to grow in containers.

How To Create Perfect Herbal Hanging Baskets
Tips for creating perfect herbal hanging baskets

How To Choose The Correct Plant Pot For Your Herb Gardens
All about pot sizes, textures, materials and shapes. Find out what plants grow best in what type of pots

5 Best Herbs For an Indoor Herb Garden
The most successful indoor herb gardens are well planned. Even if your style is more relaxed, the compact design that a kitchen windowsill offers, means that every herb should multi task. Here are my choices for the 5 best herbs in an indoor herb garden.

What Herbs Grow Well In A Shady Hanging Basket

If your gardening area is limited in sunshine, you can still create a lovely herbal hanging basket. Choose from some of these herbs, and make that shady area sing!

Buy Your Containers Early
Here is a quick tip for finding just the right container for your new herbs.

Quick Watering Tip - Number one
Here is a great way to ensure thorough watering of your moisture loving herbs that are not easily within reach of your hose.

Grow A Kitchen Herb Garden
Learn how to grow a kitchen herb garden, for delicious additions to everyday cooking. Grow a kitchen herb garden in a simple container, that is also a lovely decoration for your home.

Polymer Moisture Crystals - Why Use Polymer Moisture Crystals
Polymer water crystals are the perfect way to keep the proper moisture content in a container garden. These crystals, absorb a tremendous amount of water, releasing it as the soil around them dries out.

Self Watering Containers
Self watering containers are useful for people who do not have a lot of extra time to water their garden. It is a good way to keep smaller deck gardens watered and an easy way to prevent overwatering.

What Is A Container Garden?
A container garden is an easy way to have a lot of control over your herbs. It is a perfect solution to poor soil conditions, small growing spaces and containers lift the herbs to an easier level to work with. This is great for people with trouble getting right on the ground.

5 Best Herbs For Containers
Container gardening with herbs, is a great way to offer beauty and color to your entry or patio area. Here are my choices for the 5 best herbs to grow in containers.

Choosing A Container For Gardening
Choosing a container for gardening is a great way to add your personality to your herbal spaces! Here are some considerations when picking out just the right container.

Square Foot Garden Kit
From About.com's Gardening Guide, a square foot gardening kit to get any container gardener started. This is a great review, complete with photo and specs on a useful item for all small space gardeners.

Cylinder Gardening
Excellent site for container gardens using buckets. Click on the gallery to view photos of how some students added herbs to this unique form of gardening.

All About Worm Bins
All about vermiculture, or the art of composting with worms.

What Can I Do To Herb Garden In The Winter?
What to do during the winter, in the herb garden.

Your Herbal Business Year
How to run your herb garden business throughout all the seasons.

Indoor Herb Gardening: What's Wrong With My Basil?

Using Herbs to Stay Healthy
Adding herbal health to your life.

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