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Reader's Choice Awards 2013 - Nominate Your Herb Garden Favorites

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Welcome to the 5th Annual About.com Reader's Choice Awards. This is your opportunity to nominate your favorite service, site, or classic book, that relates to our favorite topic; Herb Gardens.

Here is how it works. First, you will nominate up to 3 favorites in each of the 4 categories. Only 1 nomination is mandatory, but feel free to add all three. Then, after the nomination phase closes, up to 5 nominees will be selected from your submissions to advance to the voting round.

In the second stage, the voting round, you will choose which of the selected nominees should be the Reader's Choice Award winner for each category.This is the time that really can make a difference to a mom and pop herbal business. Share the link and information with everyone you know, so they can vote for their favorites. What a great way to bring some attention and well deserved readership to those businesses that provide the best at what they do.

Below are the 4 categories. This is where you will begin nominating your favorite in each, each category has a link to the nomination form. Remember, you may submit up to 3 nominees per form.

Nominations are closed. It's time for voting!.

Read about the complete details and history on the Reader's Choice Awards 2013.

1. Best Online Herbal Business

RCA Award
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This is your chance to highlight your favorite online herb shop. What makes it special?

With so much to see online, often the small herb suppliers get left out of the conversation. Those of us who buy herbs regularly, know how to find the best and freshest bulk herbs and herbal items.

Nominate your favorite herb shop-no matter what size. Be sure to share a bit of why they deserve a vote.

2. Best Herbal Magazine

RCA 2013
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Let's face it, we herb gardeners often don't get more than a page or two in any gardening catalog. It is rare to find a dedicated periodical that talks about herbs specifically. There is precious little in our mailboxes each month, when we have a question about herb related topics, but all is not lost.

Over the years, there have been herb related magazines that have stood above the rest. This is your opportunity to share your favorite herbal related gardening or informational magazine. Let everyone know which one you can't live without, and why.

3. Best Classic Herbal Book

RCA 2013
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There are hundreds of books about herb related topics, but only a few stand the test of time. When building your herb gardening library, what books are must haves? Is there one book that would be the most useful of all of your collection?

Nominate your favorite classic herb book. It could be one about herb gardens, herbal cooking, herbal healing, or herbal crafts. Share a bit about what makes it the best one on your book shelf.

4. Best Online Herbal Education

RCA 2013
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With the internet, anyone interested can continue their herbal education. Many herbalist and herb schools have put their curriculum online, opening up the chance for anyone to learn about herb and their uses. This category is open to any online herbal class or classes that you have found worth your time.

What makes an herbal class the best? Is it the amount of information they teach? Is it the attention to students? The requirements? The books they offer? Share with us your favorite herb classes that are available online. No matter if they are free or for a fee, let everyone know which class left you feeling satisfied and enriched.

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