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Indoor Gardening - Herb Gardens - About.com
There are a great number of ways to grow herbs indoors. From a small windowsill garden to hydroponic herbal gardening, you will find many ideas and ...
Indoor Garden Supplies - Herb Gardens - About.com
Growing indoors is a great way to extend the herb garden all year. Even with an outdoor space, growing on your countertop, keeps the herbs at your fingertips ...
Popular Indoor Garden Kit Reviews - Herb Gardens - About.com
Perhaps one of the most well known indoor herb garden kits, the Aerogarden has something for any size kitchen or desktop. I have purchased two of these so far ...
How to Grow Herbs Indoors on a Sunny Windowsill - Gardening
You can bring your herb garden indoors for the winter, by planting a windowsill garden. Many herb plants grow quite easily in containers and require only ...
Indoor Gardening - Herb Gardens - About.com
Start growing your herbs! Indoor herb gardening seems to be the next logical step after deciding to grow herbs. There is nothing tastier or more satisfying, than to ...
Six Indoor Garden Projects for Kids - Container Gardening - About.com
Some of their favorite garden projects we did were indoors. Some of the projects start indoors and can be moved outside into a container or into a garden.
How To Grow an Indoor Herb Garden - Herb Gardens - About.com
Growing an indoor herb garden is a rewarding and efficient way to grow fresh herbs. You can micro-manage herb plants very well when they are right on your ...
Temperature For Indoor Gardens - What Temperatures Are Good ...
Temperature is an important consideration when indoor gardening. Let's take a look at why temperature is important and how it affects your indoor herbs.
5 Insects That Can Damage Your Indoor Garden - Herb Gardens
Indoor gardens need a bit of extra care, since you control the environment. What is good for your plants is also good for insects.
Winter Herb Gardening - Herb Gardens - About.com
They also last far longer, so you are saving more money over the lifetime of your indoor garden setup. I have seen some pretty creative indoor lighting setups ...
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