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Herb Garden Magazines: Do Not Auto Renew Me

By February 4, 2013

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When checking my bank statement this morning, I see that Ogden publications(which has awesome magazines, but not so awesome policies) has auto renewed my subscription once again. This is the second year in a row that this has happened. Last year, I called to check the charges, and was told that since it had already gone though, I could not change it. At that time, I told the person to please cancel my auto renew for 2013, since I disagree with that policy and will make the decision to renew when the time came.

Fast forward to today: Auto renewed AGAIN! This is unacceptable. I have written to customer service and await a reply.

Why no auto renew?

  • It's usually buried in the renewal process. Being unclear in your auto-renewal policy is wrong. Plain and simple.
  • I do not auto renew any magazine subscription. I have a yearly budget for subscriptions, so I alternate the subscriptions I do get, in order to see more of what's available in my genre.
  • Not only do you auto renew, you do not even alert me via email that it is upcoming? Strike two.

Yes, this is a rant and yes, I am angry. What do you think? Am I being unreasonable?


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